Sunday, September 14, 2014

From the 101 InBox...

George,  Enjoy your Radio 101 Blog -- Grew up listing to Knoxville radio while living in Oak Ridge.

I remember you at WIVK, even attended a bluegrass concert at Knoxville Auditorium which you hosted with the Knoxville Grass and McPeak Brothers.

Just have a curious question.  I worked many years at Y-12 in Oak Ridge as a statistician and remember working with a guy named Spears Vavalides -- I always wondered if he may have been kin to you, he was old enough to have probably been your dad. 

(Earl Nall)

Page 3...

Yes my Dad was Spears, my son is Spears too (2)!

Back in the late 70's Jimmy Vineyard and I MC'd several "Bluegrass on Parade" concerts...

Happy Birthday to 101 radio legend Mike Hammond!