Thursday, October 16, 2014

I enjoyed your blog immensely today. The good old days of Knoxville radio are still vivid in my memory. I listened daily as teen in Middlesboro KY--"bout an hour away from Ktown.

I went on to eventually have a number 1 book in my market in KY-with my radio show at WXJB fm. Subsequently I was invited by Les Acree to work weekends on WIVK. After Les left I continued to work for Mike Hammond on air on overnights and weekends.

My broadcast handle was "Billy Jack."

No one seems to remember me-sometimes it feels like I'm an outcast. However, I count my on air time at WIVK from 1997-2000 as THE BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE!

"Billy Jack"
James W. Carey, Jr.
Wivk 1997-2000