Thursday, October 09, 2014

Where were you in '78? 

Me...I was a weekend DJ at WIVK and a student at UT!

The year kicked off with Van Radford working 8p-midnight on WRJZ!
Foster Arnett was "flying" the Z-plane and reporting traffic at WRJZ!
Saturday Night Fever was playing on the big screen!
Bert Bertelkamp was a starting guard for the Vols basketball team!
News anchors at Channel 10 WBIR were Van Hackett and Bill Williams!
Thelma Randby was the WIVK office manager!
Mike Beach had a "golden finger award" on his WNOX show!
103.5 FM was WBIR and they played country!

...and James Turk aka James Maurice was spinning the hits at WNOX. Let's dust off the 101 Audio Vault!

Page 3...

Get 101% well soon wishes to Dave Foulk!!!