Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Monday from Bob Catron~

"I always thought Claude had the perfect 'radio voice'. When I went to work there in '70 he was General Manager, no longer with his own 'show', and he was doing very little stuff for the air; station IDs and the like. What impressed me most at the time was his voice welcoming the crowds to the WIVK shindigs at the Coliseum, but as I recall, he didn't introduce any of the acts, preferring to stay backstage. Me being the opinionated newbie, I told Jim Dick that Claude's vocal talent was being wasted in the big chair. It was a year or so later that Claude went back on the air in Morning Drive, Kenny went to mid-day before leaving for WSMG Greenville, bumping me into the news department until he left; at which time I was back on from 10 to 1. Great times with a talented bunch. Claude was a very good sketch artist, too; wish I had kept the caricature he did of me."