Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy 2015!!!

It appears Dick Clark will live forever as Ryan Seacrest now plays the host roll ringing in the new year in "The Big Apple" but the title of the show continues to carry Dick's name...of course Jenny McCarthy, Taylor Swift, Fergie, etc. are candy apple attractions too. This TS photo is not from NYE but is a classic via 101's brother~ fotos via Pakie!

101 asked...where were you? It was great hearing from Paul Lyle~

"I wanted to answer your question of where was I in the fall of 1977. I had left WIVK to go to Nashville (Jan 1 of that year) to work at 'KDA-'KDF for Jim Dick. Jim Ragan had been fired and Bill Hays was brought in as GM. I was hosting and selling all the spots on Football Finals which I had brought from WIVK. The next spring would see Vic Rumore take over for Bill as our GM and the rest was history. Ideas came to our Company! And it was a blast! I learned how to make advertising work from Vic. I still use his basic principles of Great Ideas for my Clients at Brentwood Adv. Those were good times…but honestly these right now, are the best times of my life! Havin’ a Blast!!" (Paul Lyle)