Tuesday, May 26, 2015

101 travels to the fall of 1976!

Over in "The Queen City" (Charlotte) former WKGN DJ Smokey Burns was the morning DJ at WAYS as Murphy in the morning! Scott Slade was afternoon drive.

The prominent AM stations in Ktown were WETE 620, WIVK 850, WNOX 990, WBIR 1240, WKGN 1340, and WKVQ 1490.

Dick Broadcasting included stations in Knoxville and Nashville (WKDA).

Paul Oscar Anderson and his booming pipes were heard delivering the news at WNOX.

Jimmy Carter defeated President Gerald Ford and became POTUS.

...Ron Wright, Ron Fuller, and Jimmy Golden were big wrestling names in East Tennessee!

And I was a frosh at UT and weekend DJ at WIVK, where were you?