Monday, July 27, 2015

Here's a 101 Reload (1st posted in 2011)~

It's the fall of 1975 in Ktown and the big wrestling names hitting the mat each week are Ron Wright, Jimmy Golden, Rock Hunter, and Ron Fuller. Jim Hess and then Les Thatcher provided the play by play on the telly!

The BasketVols featured Ernie and Bernie, Mike Jackson, and Doug Ashworth.

In November Randy Tyree beat Kyle Testerman for the Knoxville mayor job.

In December WROL is sold...and 15Q was right around the corner!

Here are some DJ line ups~

WOKI FM 100...Johnny Pirkle 530-10, Russ Skinner 10-3, Suitcase Simpson 3-7, Mike Beverly 7-12, and JL Myers 12-530.

WNOX 990...Eddy Roy 6-10, Todd Martin 10-3, Dick Winstead 3-7, The Aardvark 7-12, Russ Brown 12-6.

WETE 620...Harry Robert Shaw 5-9, Jim Humphries 9-2, Walker Johnson 2-6, Joe Crotty 6-10, Carl Warner 10-12, Ernie the Bartender 12-5.

W-149...Alan Douglas 6-10, Gary Adkins 10-12, Dave Elrod 12-4, Bill Johnson 4-8, Leslie Sheiler 8-12, and Frank Costa 12-6.