Thursday, October 08, 2015

101 travels to 1973...W-149 was a unique sound at 1490 AM, powered by Johnny Pirkle, AM radio was still king but FM was knocking on the door, in fact WOKI-FM 100 was only a year away.

Here are some radio line ups from early '73...
WKGN 1340~
6 Bob Baron
9 Gary Drake
12 Chris Hampton
3 Wayne Bernard
7 Frank Erwin
12 Jerry Steele
WNOX 990~
6 Eddy Roy
9 Chris Stanley
12 Fleetwood Gruver
3 Dave Young
7 Robert E Lee
12 J Worthington Smith
Over at WBIR 1240 Doc Johnston was still hosting his morning drive program!
Hop Edwards exited his AM show on WETE 620 in early '73 and was replaced by Jim Clark.
Also in early '73 Jack Diamond starting rockin' the night time at WKGN 1340.
On the TV side...WATE was anchored by Pete Gardner, Margie Ison, and Mike Thurman. WBIR Channel 10 featured Doc Johnston, Carl Williams, Wallene, and Jim Holiday.
Where were you in '73?