Tuesday, November 03, 2015

WKGN Jingles!

If my (101 years old) memory serves me...WKGN 1340 is the only remaining station in Knoxville from the 70's that still sports the same call letters at the same dial position (licensed to Ktown). 

WETE 620
WIVK 850
WNOX 990
WBIR 1240
WKGN 1340
WJBE 1430
WROL 1490

PS...if I missed a station, send 101 a legendary story at KtownRadio@gmail.com

Via modern day technology I am now able to dial twist from Orlando to Knoxville and enjoy all the East Tennessee radio stations including the new WKGN format~ "FOX Sports Radio Knoxville".

WKGN currently features local sports programming in both drive times~ Nate Hodges in the am, and Russell Smith afternoons.

A 101er posted an old jingle package of WKGN from the 60's on the 101 Facebook page...