Monday, December 07, 2015

Bits and Pieces...

The Tennessee Vols are playing in the Outback Bowl in Tampa, did you know that Suitcase Simpson was a media guy there?
Did you know that Ernie the Bartender...was a bartender!
Pete Dryer was the long time GM at WNOX 990, his wife Trudy was my first grade teacher at West Hills!
When the WNOX announcers went on strike, for over 29 hours with one announcer staying on the air that entire time...he was J Worthington Smith and his morning show replacement after the strike ended was King in the Morning!
Did you work for free at your first radio gig? I did!
I visited the 15Q studios with Scott Sams...Kid Curry was on the air!
When I worked at WIVK...DJs could smoke in the control room, I can see Booby right now, stogie in hand as his golden voice powered the air waves.
Mike Beck just celebrated 20 years working at the same radio cluster in Virginia! Mike got his start at WKGN 1340 in the mid 70's!
Claude Tomlinson was the first voice ever heard on WIVK (March 1953)
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