Thursday, December 24, 2015

Make the Switch

Growing up I always had favorite DJs and liked to keep up with radio lineups. It was fun, but somewhat scary when a popular DJ would move on, to a rival station or a different market.
One big switch was in the early 70's when the WNOX announcers went on strike, protesting the morning show DJ...J Worthington Smith. The end result was a line up switch with Carson King moving from 7p-12 to the morning drive as King in the Morning!
On 1/4/16 another big switch is occurring as two very popular 101 Wall of Famers make the switch...Phil Williams goes to mornings and Hallerin Hilton Hill becomes afternoon drive on NewsTalk 98.7 WOKI!
On a side note...I'm typing from Tampa this morning and enjoying HHH chatting with the one and only Dave Foulk, hashtag modern technology!