Friday, June 03, 2016

one of the good guys...

I took this photo of you can surmise that we go back a few years! Dan was and is one of the good guys in radio. We both joined WIVK in the mid 70's and were thrown together as advisors for the Junior Achievement club we hosted at the station. One of our JA members was the late Jamey Kerr, my life long friend who ended up following Dick Broadcasting to their stations in Greensboro NC.

Dan was a newsman, a DJ, and eventually found his calling as Santa Claus! PS...his Sunday Survey on WIVK became a famous and regularly listened to weekend program for many years.

These days Dan hosts the 2-6p show on Praise 96.3 as well as the weekend countdown survey on Merle-FM!

HBD Dan!!! (and many more)