Sunday, August 21, 2016

101 travels to the fall of 1985... 

The CBS Morning News anchors were Forest Sawyer, Maria Shriver, Faith Daniels, and Steve Baskerville.

The Vols beat #1 ranked Auburn 38-20!

Drive timers at WOKI-FM were Ron Harper (AM) and Jeff Jarnigan (PM).

Eddie Beacon and Bill Beason worked together at WNOX 990.

In October Curtis Parham and Jeff Jarnigan joined WMYU 102.1.

Chuck Tanner is hired to manage the '86 Braves. (Bobby Cox joined soon thereafter as GM)

The World Series pitted Royals versus Cardinals! ABC announcers were Al Michaels, Jim Palmer and Tim McCarver.

Claude Tomlinson along with Lester Longmire and Mr Schultz were still #1 in the morning on WIVK.

Where were you in the fall of '85?