Friday, December 09, 2016

Back in the spring of '76 I was just beginning my radio career as a weekend DJ working for Earl Lauderdale at WBLC Lenoir City. Tons of DJs got their start at 1360 am!

I was also dial twisting and air checking Ktown radio. I had been a fan of Your Dave Young for years and was excited to learn that he had surfaced at WIVK. YDY playing country? Yep...and little did I know I would join the WIVK air staff a few months later, in part thanks to Your Dave!

Today 101 features the booming voice of Bob Catron, he was a fixture at WIVK for many years up until late '76. PS~ these days he's almost my neighbor as he resides on Florida's west coast near Tampa and I call Orlando home, but Go Vols of course!

Where were you in '76? 101 wants to hear your story, send photographs and memories our way, there's a ton of space available here on our blog.

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Get well wishes to WNML morning show cohost Jeff Jacoby!