Saturday, May 27, 2017

Old Radio Geek~ RIP WNOX Building and Auditorium...

Hello 101,

Wanted to follow up on a story that was posted back on August 25, 2015 about the old WNOX Building on Whittle Springs Road being auctioned off.  

I am saddened to report that the building has been demolished and is no more. The only thing left is a big empty and bare lot with the remains of the parking area. The property that the building and auditorium once sat on is once again up for sale.   

I had always hoped someone would come in and restore the building back to it's original glory. I guess it just wasn't feasible due to the bad condition the building was in. It had been going downhill since back in the 1980s at least. I will always miss that old place. To me it is kind of like losing an old friend.