Sunday, July 09, 2017

....from our 101 Facebook page~

Doug Hullander~ 50s, 60s and most 70s hits have disappeared from classic hits stations. I realize listeners over 54 are not the coveted demos. But c'mon. Many of us are still alive and kickin'! And we DO have $$ to spend!

Jim Courtney~ Try WKCE 1120 for the 50s hits. They are streaming at A great station! 1120 WKCE is Mid Century Radio for Maryville, Seymour, Knoxville and beyond.

Jonathan Pirkle~ Also broadcast on 97.1 FM.

Brad Allen Tester~ Classic hits, or the more prominent "today" phraseology "greatest hits" stations have shifted format focus toward heavy 80s and even dipping their musical toes into the early 90s, with only the more up tempo creme of the crop 70s songs making the play lists...

Doug Hullander~ I think you're right Brad. There's a revolt brewing against the 80s only format and a hunger for 60s and 70s. Even the younger group is beginning to dig these REAL oldies.

Russell Mayes~ I know it is a small sample, but I am amazed that the eclectic group of people that enjoy the oldies music on WKCS. I get a lot of feedback from the 20 and 30 somethings.

Aaron Cody Campbell~ 104.9 FM LaFollette has that era. 93.1 is 70s and 80s!

Walter Erbaugh~ Yes, 104.9 WTNQ is probably the best and broadest station on terrestrial radio that I know of. Presentation of it could stand a bit of work but the play list is broad.

James Fleenor~ I'm 38 and listen to 104.9 ALOT! 50s to the early 80s. Another good station although it's hard to pick up is 105.7 The Hog in Crossville. And I just discovered 1120 on their FM signal 97.1. Great station as well and I love the vintage sounding jingles.

Jim Courtney~ The Hog 105.7 in Crossville has an app and you can get them on the Internet. I listen to them too on the Internet. They have a great professional sound to be a small town station.