Monday, August 07, 2017

Where are they now?

Over 40 years ago Dan Bell first turned on his Ktown mic, and he's still beaming his raspy voice out over the airwaves! Dan has found a home at Ktown's locally owned and operated Praise 96.3 (afternoon drive) and Merle-FM (hosting the Sunday Survey...on Saturday). 

 Here's Dan inside the 101 Audio Vault~

Page 3...

George, I well remember that WKGN control room. I was programming the station when it moved from 22nd and Cumberland Avenue to the Alcoa Highway location in 1970. I never understood why Mooney didn't put the control room where the jocks could see out of floor to ceiling windows on both the front and back of the building. As it was, the control room, the news room, and two production rooms were in a central core with no way to see out. (Possum Riley)