Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Banter regarding WIBK~ from the 101 Facebook page...

Thomas Connatser Information on this guy is hard to come by. All I know is they came on the air in 1946 and were gone by 1953. Frequency went to WDEH Sweetwater in 1955 and is still on the air today. WIBK's GM, Marvin Thompson went on to become GM at WKXV which signed on in 1953 before going to Jasper TN to put a station on the air. I have heard some reports that the FCC revoked WIBK's license, but don't know the details if that's true.

William Russell The only other time I ever heard those call letters were when I was 14. Two men were arguing, and one posted that WIBK was the first set of call letters for WIVK, and that at some point they made a switch. The 800 frequency squelches that notion since WIVK's AM frequency was originally 850.

Thomas Connatser Wrong. WIVK was originally on 860. They swapped with WUCR 850 Sparta in 1968, going from 1 kW to 50 while Sparta went from 250 W to 1000.

Bill Miller I've forgotten my source, but I heard decades ago that WIVK was WIBK. At some point, Jim Dick and partners bought the station and changed the call letters and moved the frequency. The station was either in bankruptcy or having severe financial trouble at the time, maybe even off the air. In the deep recesses of my mind, I want to think that Jim once told me his friends advised him not to buy it.

William Russell That may be. I was only debunking the idea that WIVK was WIBK first. I wasn't born until 1958, so my historical knowledge has it's limits.

George R. Kiley Bill Miller It was once WIBK. I think the studio was located north of the viaduct in a section of Gay Street that is no longer there.

Bill Miller George R. Kiley,  I've been told the same thing about the location.