Thursday, September 14, 2017

WNOX (Spring 1988)

The 101 InBox says hello to the Old Radio Geek~

Hi George,

Did you know that back around March/April in 1988 WNOX AM 990 changed their format from Country Music to Golden Oldies? It was during a time period when REBS who owned WNOX at the time were in the process of selling the station to Dick Broadcasting who owned WIVK.  

From what I remember the playlist on WNOX consisted of music from 1955 to 1971. Plus they brought back the original "PAMS Series 27 Jet Set" WNOX jingles. The station sounded like a time machine during that very short time period.    

I remember some of the DJ's were:

"Marvelous" Marty Shane
"Brad Byrd "The Birdman"
"Rockin" Rick Parker
 Misty Reed

Those are the only DJs that I can remember from that time period. 

Unfortunately the Golden Oldies format only lasted around 2 short weeks. After that AM 990 started simulcasting with their FM Sister station 95.3 WTNZ for about a month then AM 990 went completely dark sometime around late May/early June until September of that same year for about 3 months. I remember AM 990 being dark the whole entire Summer until it was brought back on the air in September as WIVK-AM.