Thursday, March 01, 2018


I snapped this photo of Bob Thomas back in the late 70's...this is the WIVK AM 850 control room!

Bob, like many of us, got his DJ start at WBLC 1360 in Lenoir City. He spent some time at WBIR 1240 before finding a home at WKGN 1340. 'KGN was on fire at that time with a line up that included Wayne Bernard aka Charlie Chase.

Fast forward to 1977 (after a quickie at 15Q) and Bob could be heard on WIVK on the weekends. It didn't take long for Bob to anchor down the midday show, which became the #1 midday radio show in America. 

After a decade and a half in that time slot Bob exited stage left and for the left coast...Hollywood! Years later East Tennessee called Bob home...and he teamed up with another of the legends, Ed Brantley, to form the Ed and Bob Show on WNOX FM 100.3. For years they entertained East Tennessee in the morning (Thank you Johnny Pirkle).

Today is Bob's birthday...and today we salute Bob, hopefully Knox County's next mayor. #Bob4Mayor