Wednesday, April 04, 2018

101 "Platter Chatter" from our Facebook page...

Ed Hooper- I was great friends and working on a radio series with Bill Perkins who was the overnight guy on WEZK in the late 80's. He passed away on the air one night and was found by the morning drive guy. Bill was a piece of broadcasting history in his day.

Dave Jeffries- Yes, that morning guy was John Wilkerson!

Chris Hampton- I always thought those were the coolest call letters in town. WEZK! Easy to say and so many ways to connect them to your sound and to Knoxville...

Doug Hullander- For many books, in the 80's, WEZK pulled respectable numbers, in the older demos. But that in the end, added up to its demise. So in 1990, it abandoned the BM format and jettisoned the "over 54" listeners for a more upbeat and contemporary sound. The change got the attention of the younger audience and ever since its numbers have been decent and a challenge to perennial front runner, WIVK.

Chris Hampton- Remember when we were at the height of our careers and we looked at people like us (old) and said "who needs 'em?". Welcome to the world of American Idol!