Tuesday, April 02, 2019


It's early 1972 at WKGN 1340...

6 Bobby Rivers
9 Bob Baron
12 Sonny Knight
3 Wayne Bernard
7 Brother John
12 Frank Erwin

@ WNOX 990...

6 Jay Worthington Smith
9 Eddy Roy
12 Ken Mynatt
3 Dave Young
7 Carson King
12 Pat Thompson

...later in January the WNOX disc jockeys went on strike!

Alan Dennis becomes morning drive at WKGN!

Smith and King flip spots at WNOX, creating the wildly popular King in the Morning show!

In late March Chris Hampton is added to the WKGN roster.

By mid May Alan Dennis is moved from Mooney's Ktown station to sister WMAK Nashville...Eddie Beacon makes the move (back) to WKGN in the 7p-12a slot.

News at WKGN that summer featured Joe Anderson, Jim Goodman, and Walker Johnson.

6 Bobby Rivers
9 Bob Baron
11 Chris Hampton
3 Wayne Bernard
7 Eddie Beacon
12 Frank Erwin

The W149 line up in June...

6 Gary Adkins
10 Clayton Gish
2 Johnny Pirkle
4 Charlie Bruce
7 Brother John (from WKGN)
12 Jim Price

On Monday July 3 WKGN rolls out a new line up with the addition of Gary Drake and Jerry Steele.

6 Bob Baron
9 Gary Drake
12 Chris Hampton
3 Wayne Bernard
7 Frank Erwin
12 Jerry Steele

Down the dial at WETE 620 the AM drive is hosted by Hop Edwards. Other on air personalities...Howard Gunter, Jim Humphries, and Curtis Parham!

Names at WIVK in 1972 included Claude Tomlinson, Bobby Denton, Norman Majors, Kenny Dearstone, Ed Brantley, Bob Catron, Barry Smith, Jimmy Vineyard, and Terry Womack.

Where were you in '72?