Friday, June 07, 2019


101 is proud to introduce and announce our "2019 Living Legend Award"...given to an individual who personifies all things East Tennessee radio-

Congrats to Johnny Pirkle! Mr. Pirkle's impact on Knoxville Radio History 101 spans more decades than one can count on your left hand (but he's still a young man).

From WATE 620 in the early 60's to becoming the voice and face of WNOX W149, wow what a way ahead of its time station, to the powerhouse at FM 100.3 WOKI. Think about the voices that boomed thru that dial position.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the creation of the iconic call letters WNOX and the 100.3 dial position...Ed and Bob anchored the morning drive show and were wildly popular! These days they blog- search "Ed and Bob Show".

Mr. Pirkle has touched the lives and careers and dial positions of just about everyone associated with Knoxville radio. Congratulations and Thank You!

Now on to the 101st member of the YDY 101 Wall of Fame. This blog exists for one reason. 

On December 1, 1971 as a youngster I started playing disc jockey...and taping DJs and recording radio line ups, etc. In my mind I created a station...WGMV 1300, led by my imaginary broadcaster pal "Chip Guberalski". I'm still playing DJ, mostly in my car while driving, and decades later Chip is still on the air. 

So pardon my indulgence as I introduce Charles Beethoven Guberalski III as the 101st member of the YDY WOF. (On September 7 we will unveil the remaining members of this year's class...please send your recommendations!)

Thank you to all for reading this blog and for participating on our 101 Facebook page, it's an honor to play a small part in this world of spinning platters that we all love!