Thursday, July 04, 2019

Happy 4th of July

The latest (2nd) 101 podcast has dropped in to the world wide web!

Today it's "Slick Maurice's Thanks for the Memories"

One of my most memorable and funniest moments when I was at WNOX didn't happen when I was on the air but while I was off the air. It was during the Scott "Scooter" McLeod era. His idea of programming was to be a little edgy and he came up with a station mascot the WNOX Mother Duck. I'm sure you can figure out what it really meant. I volunteered to dress as the mascot and the Duck was heavily promoted on the air and he was everywhere.

One time the circus came to town and they had the traditional elephant walk downtown to the Civic Coliseum and the Mother Duck rode on the elephant. It was fun but scary and all I was thinking was please don't fall off, please don't fall off.

Since the Duck couldn't talk we got a duck caller so when little kids would come and talk to the duck...he would go quack and I would do the WNOX Mother Duck dance. I remember being at a grand opening of a store and one of the people there was watching me do the Duck dance and I guess he thought that I couldn't hear because he said "I don't know who's in there but he sure has a lot of rhythm". I laughed so hard I almost swallowed the duck caller!

- James Slick Maurice Turk