Friday, May 15, 2020

HBD Possum!!!

Ktown has had it's share of fake radio names, not the same as fake news. I tried to be George Michael, somehow the Michael became Michaels, which wasn't my intent. George Michael is my first and middle name. If I did it over again I would have pinned myself as "Andy Spears"...taken from my son's name Spears Andrew (from his two grandfathers).

Did you ever use an on air name that was not God given?

...Eddie Beacon, Suitcase Simpson, Jack Diamond, Smokey Burns, Gary Drake, Sonny Knight, Tollie Michaels, Dr. Don West, Jessica James, Jamie Rivers! Just a few of those fun names!

What about the best "real names"- Mike Beach and Fleetwood Gruver come to mind!

And today we salute and say "Happy #&th Birthday" to WKGN PD and morning DJ Possum Riley (foto)....every now and then Possum goes by Paul Randall Dickerson!