Wednesday, December 01, 2021

on this date in 1971...

 ...I began playing DJ! (I still play DJ)!

On December 1, 1971, yes 50 quick years ago, my mind created WGMV 1300 Knoxville. (my initials). Ever since I have been playing DJ in my car, at work, you name it. 

My DJ line up on that day included:

6-10 George Roy

10-3 Bill Drake

3-7 Jack Arrow

7-12 Eddie Bond

12-6 Chip Guberalski

And the list of made up names, made up stations and made up personalities is now 50 years old. I moved a few times, so I added stations in Birmingham, South Florida, Atlanta, and my current hometown of Orlando.

The good news for me, the DJs at my stations are all still live and local, ha.

Did you play DJ? Send your story, fact or fiction to

Here's to the next 50!