Friday, June 23, 2023

When AD speaks, the readers read...

Hello, George!

When did Bob leave WKGN as PD? 

(Gary Adkins and I actually worked with Bob providing music and a sound system for parties in 1975. I’m thinking he might have been gone from 'KGN at that point.)

As I recall, Dr. Al replaced him and was there until I came over from 15Q as PD in August of 1976 when we flipped 'KGN to AOR.

I left for WKDF in Nashville in April of ‘78 and Kerry took over!

Thanks...I hope all is well in your world!
A.D. Sneedo


...On June 3, 1974 WKGN rolled out their new line up featuring Wayne Bernard as morning DJ and new PD as Bob Baron exited. (my notes say Baron went to WCFL Chicago, not sure, and Kent Newton left for WHBQ Memphis). Newton became Tom Kent on the air and still is! 

...Wayne Bernard exited stage "west" to sister station WMAK Nashville, with his final WKGN show airing on Friday November 3, 1974. WKGN at that time included Your Dave Young as morning DJ, Frank Erwin, Rick Davis, Bob Thomas, Joe Anderson, Jean Ash and more! PS- 'Nard became Charlie Chase upon arrival in Nashville and the rest is history.

...Dr. Al Adams came home to WKGN on Monday February 24, 1975 and took over as morning DJ with Mike Beach arriving as afternoon jock. the fall of 1976 changes were happening at 1340- Dr. Al left with AD entering as PD. The station became an AOR format and 2 DJs got new names...Barry Tucker (Mike Beck) became Robin Beck and Chris/Kris Lee (Kerry Lambert) morphed into Keith Lambert. forward to late March 1978 and AD moves to WKDF Nashville as PD. Gina Logue, Dave Elrod, Keith, and Frank Green were the air patrol at that time at WKGN. Kerry Lambert was PD, then later exited to start up WIMZ, first known as WBIR-FM aka We Believe In Rock!

...and yes, disco was in the 1340 future!