Monday, July 03, 2023

It's a 101 Reload via Charlie Fox from 2013...

I started at 15Q doing mornings after Steve West left. Those were some big shoes to fill, and I'm not sure I was perfect for it. I remember living on the west side of Knoxville and 15Q would be nearly inaudible on my car radio as I drove in to work. Meanwhile "Double Super WNOX" was blasting. Not the best frame of mind with which to crack the mic at 6 in the morning, but I did it. 

When Chuck Boo Boo Baron crawled out from under whatever rock he inhabited and took mornings (god love him), Ron Baptist moved me to afternoons which was a much better fit all around.

I think all of us treated 15Q as an aircheck machine that happened to broadcast live to the fragment of Knoxville who could hear us. We made it sound as big-time as we could so we could leap to bigger markets. And leap we did...Steve West to Atlanta, Kid Curry to Miami, Bob Kelly to Cincinnati, I went to Houston, and on and on. And of course the late Bob Kaghan started the WRJZ dynasty that eventually kicked 'NOX's ass. Apologies to names I've left out or forgotten - I'm sure their moves were great ones and are well documented elsewhere on your blog.