Wednesday, September 20, 2023

50 years ago...

 It's September 1973 in Ktown, where were you?

In the wrestling ring, The Fabulous Kangaroos were whooping it up in Knoxville, Phil Niekro was the Braves ace pitcher, and Jim Croce was tragically killed on this date (9.20.73).

WKGN 1340 featured Smokey Burns, Bob Baron, Frank Erwin, Wayne Bernard, Dick Winstead, Jerry Steele, with Joe Anderson and Walker Johnson anchoring the news desk.

...and this was the month when Jack Diamond exited WKGN, stage left, for Louisville KY, where he became a many decades star as Coyote Calhoun!

I was a busboy, starting my platters to platters careers, at the Ivanhoe House of Beef (now Copper Cellar in West Knoxville)...Ivanhoe was owned and operated by restaurateur legend Frank Kotsianas.

Eddy Roy and Your Dave Young were drive time DJs at WNOX 990.

Mike Beach, who hung his hat on many Ktown mics, was working mornings at W-149 (WROL 1490). Gary Adkins, Bill Johnson, and Bob Hamilton were also there.