Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Before "whose gotcha now"...WRJZ was WETE. Back in olden times television stations had radio stations. WETE was then WATE. When the TV station sold WATE the new owners changed it to WETE. I was working for WKGN in news and wanted to jock because they made more money and had more fun. When I got the word Mike Beach was leaving WETE to work for WKGN I called WETE, asked for the PD and when I got into him I told him I wanted Mike's job. I instantly was in "tall cotton". I was hired at $145 a week, up from $110. At WETE I also got to make another $50 for doing remote broadcasts! WETE was a fun ride that ended with it being sold to a guy who lived in Asheville. He turned it into WRJZ. This is an old pix from WETE of me earning my $50 selling boats on a three hour remote. Oh, as for the date, I'm thinking it was around 1973.

~ Walker Johnson