Monday, April 22, 2024

Loren Owens teamed with Wally Brine for almost 40 years as the morning DJs on 105.7 WROR in Boston. 

Before that, Loren was Jefferson Kaye on WKGN 1340.

Here are comments from our 101 Facebook post-

Bob Catron...interesting that they tagged it "Great Day in the Morning". WIVK hired a PD whose husband was theater head at UT. Can't remember her name. Claude the Cat was back on the air doing mornings after Kenny Dearstone left. The new gal had us all (except Claude) taking speech classes in Bobby's basement office, and gave this same name to Claude's show "Great Day".

Bob Anderson aka Bandit...That was Mamie Harris, husband Al the theater head. She hired me after I left WKGN in '72 or '73. Even helped getting job with Opryland as radio/media director before I graduated from UT. I worked with Jefferson at WKGN in '71, total pro. Recall he went to Detroit then Denver. Operations Manager for entire stations group.