Saturday, May 11, 2024

Where were you in '72?

It's 1972 at WKGN 1340 and the syndicated Wolfman Jack Show is heard on Sunday nights at 6p. They also were featuring a promotion, re- The Tooth Fairy.

WNOX 990 featured J Worthington Smith in the morning and Your Dave Young afternoons. 

The WNOX announcer strike, what a promo BTW, happened later in the month. This created the birth of King in the 990 and two years later at the brand new WOKI-FM 100.

Don Mclean's American Pie was on top of the music charts.

Joe Sparks was named manager of the AA Knoxville Sox as baseball arrived in the spring.

In April guess who played golf at Fox Den...Arnold Palmer!

In May Eddie Beacon returned to WKGN 1340 as Allen Dennis exited for sister station WMAK Nashville and Brother John scooted up the dial to W-149.

Hop Edwards (great radio name) was manning the morning mic at WETE 620.

WIVK on the air personalities were Claude Tomlinson, Bobby Denton, Ed Brantley, Jimmy Vineyard, and Terry Womack- same cast of characters when I arrived four years later.

That fall I was elected student government president at Bearden Junior High and my VP was...Coach Holly Warlick.

...and that's a stroll down our 101 memory lane from 1972!