Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day and Go Vols~

I was in Knoxville last week. Had a chance to spend some time with Your Dave Young. He and I were talking about all the great people who had passed thru the halls of Knoxville radio, and how much we both missed the days of real competition. With today's consolidation, it's like kissing your sister. The days of fighting over a half point are long gone. What a great time we all had...some heated contests to be sure! With that in mind Dave and I thought it might be great to get as many of the old gangs together as possible. We thought in order to give everyone the time to get used to the idea, we would start looking at the early Spring of '09. Location in K-Town to be determined later. What do you guys and gals think? Dave and I are willing to take the point and get things organized. Any input is appreciated. (Mike Beach)

You-all might want to know that Chris Stanley, a former news anchor at WNOX, is now anchoring for Fox Radio News. I spoke with him right in the middle of the coverage of the church shooting a few weeks ago. He probably had an image of what it was like when he was in Knoxville, and was surprised to know AM 990 no longer held the heritage call sign. (Dave Foulk)