Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading Knoxville Radio History 101. Today 101 turns one year old! On September 7, 2007 this site was born. The intent was and is simple, share photographs and memories that I collected thru the years and to create a network of Ktown DJ's that wanted to do the same.

Many have emailed and asked...who are you? For those who haven't figure it out, I'm The Greek. My career as a DJ was short and sweet, my love for radio remains strong today, over 30 years since I started as a weekend DJ at WIVK (1976-1981) while attending UT. After working at WRJZ for Steve Bridgewater in 1982 my career path was at a fork and I got into the restaurant business.

In radio my mentor was Your Dave Young, Bobby Denton and Steve Bridgewater both gave me opportunities to fulfill my childhood dreams, and my closest friend in the biz was Jamey Kerr (now with Dick Broadcasting for 30 years...congrats to you Jamey)!

Like many of you I fell in love with radio as a youngster. In the late 60's I started listening to and imitating John Ward on the Vols network and Milo and Ernie, who called the Atlanta Braves games.

In 1976, my senior year in high school, I took and passed the then very difficult FCC 3rd class license test. That summer I worked at WBLC in Lenoir City. In the fall as I was about to start at UT, the phone rang at my home and it was Bobby Denton. Little did I realize what a great and memorable experience lay in front of me. For the next five years I worked with great people...Bob Thomas, Bobby Denton, Claude Tomlinson, Ed Brantley, Mike Hammond, Jimmy Vineyard, Suitcase Simpson, Jean Ash, Dan Bell, Ed Rupp, Bob Kesling, Randy Miller, Jeff Winters, Jamey Kerr, Joe Grant, Tony Eubanks, Terry Womack and of course Your Dave Young.

In 1982 with a UT diploma in my hand I had to make a career decision. I was having fun at WRJZ, we were playing country and had a great staff...Bill Beason, Steve Bridgewater (Dr Don West), Eddie Beacon, Jessica James, Martin Baker, David Henley, Ernie Baker, Brad Schulz, Bob Ziegler and GM Bill Hays. WRJZ ended up being my last hurrah as a DJ.

Fast forward to today. I live in Orlando, still have over 27,000 minutes of Ktown air checked and many journals with Ktown radio I thought, what the heck. Let's share it all and see what happens. Today I'm still a radio fan, I listen to today's Ktown radio via the Internet, and love it.

In our first year 101 posted 170 times and had over 16,100 visitors. I'm just that kid of the 60's who fell in love with my transistor radio and all the sounds that came over the air waves!!!

As 101 starts year two, keep the photographs and memories coming our