Monday, September 15, 2008

Like FOX, 101 wants to be fair and balanced. With that said, we proudly unveil this classic late 70's photo of Mike Hammond in the WIVK news room. Ed Brantley emailed and said he shared alot of laughs with Ktowners after he was featured on Friday...

"It's hard to imagine working at the same station for 40 years. This picture has brought a lot of laughs and calls. Thanks for the great site and the memories."

I have really enjoyed your posts over the past year, and it's nice to see a face and name to go with it. My time in Knoxville radio ended in 1977 when I went to WSB in Atlanta, and then resumed when I came home to east Tennessee in 1992. I have lots of stories from inside the walls of White Columns - irrelevant to Knoxville, though. If you'd like some of them, I would be happy to share some of my tales. All of your great posts have given me an idea of what was going on in Knoxville during the time I was away. Congratulations on a great project. Those airchecks are priceless memories. (Dave Foulk)

From 101...Dave, we would love to hear about your WSB adventures, 101 wants to be all about the personality, not just their time in Ktown!!!

If it ever comes up again...I was on the air the night someone shot out the back door of WKGN on Alcoa Hwy. It became a huge deal because we were in a bank building and that brought in the FBI. And George Mooney himself in his pajamas! (Bob Thomas)