Friday, September 12, 2008

Today the 101 Audio Vault travels back to 1977. WIVK simulcast AM and FM, the line up featured 6-10 Claude Tomlinson, 10-1 Jimmy Vineyard, 1-4 Ed Brantley, and Bobby Denton 4-7. Here's an air check from Ed Brantley~

101 heard from former Ktowner Keith Brunson...

I live in Austin where I did the weather til '89 then went and produced the very first scary movie; trailer is on under television. In '92 I started a company that was a broadcast ad agency and that is where I am today.

Keith Brunson
Ad Ventures, Inc.
Founder, Creative Director

Here's Don Lindsey~Howdy! Thanks very much for posting the WSEV Parkway studio picture. Interesting how two parts of a life come together in one shot. I worked that little studio in the summers of ’68 and ’69, after other shops had been built on it as kind of a mini-mall. It was a bit grueling since the air conditioning was off and on, and if I was a little late leaving the main studio on Middlecreek Drive in Sevierville (carrying an armful of LPs, a log, and other stuff), traffic made getting to the remote site dicey. The equipment was fairly primitive even by those days’ standards. Still, it was great being to be out in the world and kind of independent of the folks back at the main studio. Even the teasing tourists passing by were fun sometimes. And after the shift I could eat at Gatlinburg restaurants at reduced rates, given I was then considered a local, and I had a lot of great evenings in the town. A little more than seven years after my last Gatlinburg sign-off, I went to work for the company whose logo adorns the studio in the picture – AAA. Been there ever since. Thanks again for this site!