Tuesday, October 28, 2008

101 received feedback regarding Monday's post, "Where were you in '78?"

Curtis Parham- Here is where Walker and I were in 1978: doing a remote at a local car dealership on WRJZ...with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Aaaaah, the good ole days!

Mike Clark-Ahh, 1978... I was a student at U T, and working part time at WEZK alongside some greats: Eddy Roy, Paul Oscar Anderson, and the late Carlos Kivett. I can remember one quarter (UT had quarters then, not semesters) working from midnight till 6, then going home for a couple of hours sleep before going to class. The good ole days, indeed!

Arthur Adams- I was wondering if you and your readers could help me out. Back during the mid-Eighties, Phil Williams, then at WIMZ, did a series of comedy bits called "The Belchers of East Tennessee". It was a parody of the TV series Dallas, and the fall of United American Bank and the Butcher family. The Belchers were pig farmers, with a great glass pig farm downtown, and were shut down by the "F.P.I.G." -- Federal Pig Insurance Guys (that was the joke that almost caused me to drive off the road, I was laughing so hard.) I realize getting recordings of a 20 year old radio show is a long shot, but I'd dearly love to hear the entire series again, or even bits of it. Even transcripts would be good.