Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lets see in 1978 I turned 30 and CP was around 59 or 60? Around that year WRJZ started working with the old Silver Dollar City later to become DollyWood. Our remotes included walking around the place all day, meeting people and even a hatchet tossing contest with WNOX. NO there was no "catching" involved, best I remember we were throwing at a tree with a red circle on it. Adele won the thing! Here is a picture showing us dressed for the day at Silver Dollar City. On the left standing is David Henley, CP has the gun to his head, I am behind him with a gun in his ear and kneeling is John Boy...yea the same one with all the money and who STILL has a job! Oh as for the Dallas Cowgirl remote...that was at WEST CHEVROLET and later Delmar Haynes (another car dealer) had us out to try and copy it. Problem was he had the girls from the Atlanta Falcons! Yep not much of a crowd. Biggest car remote we did AFTER the Cowgirls was the grand opening of Airport Toyota. They brought in Billy Carter and he was really an outstanding guy. He would come out, get the picture made, kiss the babies and then go back in the back for some adult beverage. This would go on for an hour with a break every ten minutes. At the end of the remote he was still in good shape and boarded a plane for Memphis to do another one before dark. I think his fee was five thousand dollars and he told us his best day was when he managed to get in FOUR remotes! (Walker Johnson)