Thursday, October 30, 2008

If you were in Ktown in the early 70's then you know how exciting the radio climate was back then. WKGN kept bringing in great sounding personalities...Johnny Walker, Ted Ferguson, Possum Riley, Kent Newton (Tom Kent), Smokey Burns (Robert Murphy), and one of our favorites "Jack Diamond". You can still hear Jack via the Internet at WAMZ Louisville. He is the afternoon DJ and Program Director. His on air name is Coyote Calhoun. We'll dig up some Jack Diamond and Guerrilla vintage air checks soon. 101 heard from him-

"I continually find this to be a very entertaining website. Even though I was only in Knoxville for a short period of time (about 7 months) I really enjoyed my tenure at 'KGN, and thoroughly loved the city!"

Today 101's audio vault features WIVK midday DJ Bob...Bob Catron. Yep, before Bob Thomas ruled middays at WIVK for decades, Bob Catron was in that spot. Here's Bob Catron from April 1976-