Monday, October 17, 2011

101 continues our tribute to George Mooney~

"In 1981, I heard that Mr. Mooney was going to once again be involved in Knoxville radio. So, and I guess it was a little presumptuous of me, I called his office. Talked to Polly, who was very nice, and actually put me through to Mr. Mooney. He didn’t have to talk to me; he didn’t know me from Adam. But he did, and was very helpful. He told me who I needed to talk to at the station about a job. I never did get to meet him in person, but that phone call, and his kind words, helped me start a 14 year stint at U-102. I’ll always remember that." (Mike Clark)

"I only had two (US) radio jobs in my career and lucked out both times: bosses George Mooney and James A. Dick. May they both rest in peace." (Jean Ash)

"I was introduced to Mooney Broadcasting in 1967 at WBSR in Pensacola. Later spent time with George in Knoxville and Nashville between '81 and '84. He was one of a kind. Also made two trips with him as part of the Vol Navy. He will be missed!" (Bill Burkett)

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Happy Birthday wishes to the Real Randy Miller, Randy and I worked together at WIVK in the late 70's and Randy went on to have a booming career in the Kansas City market!