Saturday, October 15, 2011

The tributes are arriving...send your memories of George Mooney to Here's Walker Johnson~

"Pix is WKGN either '72 or '73 and it is the LAST staff to work for Mr. Mooney before he sold it. For years WKGN was the premier radio station in Knoxville, Tennessee. DJs from all over the South wanted to get on 'KGN for the simple reason they knew it was a spring board to a bigger market. Sure others tried to be 'KGN. WNOX gave it several shots but never made it. As for WIVK, personally I never knew anyone who listened to them unlike WKGN where I didn't know anyone who did NOT listen to it. George Mooney was the man behind the plan. He was an owner with a brain and a drive that was infectious to all those around him. I can truly say that Mr. Mooney towered over every owner that I ever worked for and no other radio station since has come close to being his Famous 1340. He will be missed" (Walker Johnson)