Friday, October 21, 2011

101 is still accepting votes for the "2012 Wall of Fame", our version of a Ktown Radio hall of fame. The first class is listed to the right, so don't vote for those 5, but all else are eligible...even Lester Longmire and Elwood P. Suggins. (Email your votes to

Join the extra 101 action by joining our Facebook page...KtownRadio George Vavalides! Over there we are still discussing the WKGN vs WNOX radio wars!

Here's Mike Clark~

"On the face of it, it shouldn't have even been close. WNOX was a 10kw blowtorch, while WKGN operated at (I believe) one tenth of that. Yet it was a pitched battle. When I was in elementary school and early high school years, I listened mainly to WKGN. I remember Dr. Al doing "instant request and dedication", answering the phone on-air as Willard the Duck. Dr. Al, by the way, went on to host a TV dance show called Discoteen on the old WTVK, channel 26. Radio was king in those days. I remember kids in school would be talking about what was on the radio the night before. It was a big deal." (Mike Clark)