Thursday, October 20, 2011

The 101 InBox is on fire...

"I have to correct Walker Johnson on one point; I quote; "Sure others tried to be 'KGN. WNOX gave it several shots but never made it." I joined WNOX in April 1969 and for the next three years we blitzed WKGN in the ratings. 'KGN were so upset, they commissioned UT to do a survey for them. They never published the results because they came off even worse. I can’t speak for the following years, I’d moved on. I’m sure those surveys must be available somewhere to verify what I stated above. (Bernie Quayle aka Sir Bernard)

"George, I was working for George Mooney at WKGN doing a 196 hour marathon at the TV&I Fair riding a ferris wheel when Kerry Lambert brought the news that Mooney had sold the station. Vic Rumore came in to over see the transition to Creative. The new company took over on March 1st with the statement that nothing would change. (Yea right). 15 days later Jean Ash and I got the ax, and WIVK picked up 2 new staffers." (Dave Young)