Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Friday and God Bless our Veterans!!!

Today 101 is pulling some notable quotes off our Facebook page (add me at KtownRadio George Vavalides)...

"Hey KtownRadio! Here is a quick tidbit for you...when WYSH-FM moved from 104.9 to 95.3 back in the early 1980s, they were known as 95FM for a short amount of time. This was before WNKX became the official calls for 95.3 and was branded as Kix 95." (Derrick Anderson)

"Just a quick tidbit... When CP and Walker reunited in 1982 it was at am 850, but the call letters were WHIG not WIVK am...I remember reading an article about it promising adult contemporary...Think it lasted for one George Benson tune then back to country..."(Eric Martin)

"Worked with Eddie (Beacon) in the summer of '81 at WRJZ. He took over middays when Adele left. He walked in one day, posed just like in this picture (above), and said, "Hire me or the poor DJ gets it!" We all said, "Stop. Our sides. Tim (Edwards), please hire Yo' Swangin' Deacon." Tim did." (Steve Howard)