Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Happy Hump Day...Here's a 101 Reload~

Radio allows one to create a made up on air name...that in itself is pretty cool. And didn't all of us spend time in our youth grabbing pencil and paper and writing down potential on air names...Ktown has had some groovy made up monikers...Eddie Beacon, Suitcase Simpson, Sonny Knight, Brother John St. John, Jessica James, Smokey Burns, Tollie Michaels, etc. Please welcome back Bill Beason, I mean Buzz...

"Just a note on how Buzz Dailey came about...Bear "with the hair" Bradley (formerly of 15WLAC) called and asked if I was interested in working in Music City. I said yes and as I drove up for an interview, I heard Dick Winstead on the air. Dick had suggested me for the morning drive slot which I accepted. The only catch was I had to start the very next morning because the current jock had just walked out the door on his way to New Orleans. An agreement to put me up in a hotel until I could find an apartment was reached. Then came another request...drop the name Bill Beason! Bear said since he already had the "BB" name (as in Bear Bradley) he wanted something that sounded cool. His reasoning was Nashville, as he called it, "is a glitter radio market". After a few names were tossed around, Bradley asked me to settle between only two names..."Ben Dover" or "Buzz Dailey". It did not take long for me to decide the first was not for me! I had these terrible images pop in my head of someone calling for "Ben Dover" on the PA system or at a public event. So, Buzz Dailey was born and the rest is history! On another note, Steve Bridgewater aka Dr. Don West later suggested the name "Mike Hunt". I told him I had already seen the movie! Then, Phil Hunt became PD at KIX95. Wow, did he ever catch it when we learned his full name...Phillip Mike Hunt! I actually believe he purposely tampered with the phone PA system after a few months." (Bill Beason)