Monday, November 07, 2011

"Knoxville's WIVK" by Ed Hooper is a must read for veterans of Knoxville radio when radio meant something here. This book makes the perfect bookend to Hooper's book about WNOX. If WNOX was the alpha of radio presence in Knoxville, then WIVK was the omega. The book meant a lot to me because I knew some many of the people mentioned and pictured. The pictures, by the way, are worth the price of the book. Many of them came from the archives of "Our" Dave Young, unofficial archivist of Knoxville radio and himself a major player during the day. Good job, YDY. Sad to me is how many of these people are gone now, but saddest of all is that the guy who probably was responsible as much as anybody for the success of WIVK, the fabulously talented genius Claude Tomlinson, never lived to share the wealth when WIVK was sold. The book is published by Arcadia Publishing and available online. I got mine at the Walgreen's on Peters Road at Kingston Pike.

Tom Jester