Monday, December 12, 2011

As we bid farewell to Bill Burkett, we hear from Bill in his own words as he was a 101 reader and contributor, rest in peace Bill~

"Your plea today jogged my memory. It hit me that tomorrow, April 15th is the 27th anniversary of the debut of U-102/WMYU when Dr. Dave Dunaway and Colvin Idol kicked off the new format that morning at 6 o'clock. The first song played was "Amazing Grace" by Judy Collins. Believe it or not, at the time, that song tested well enough to be on our playlist. Some others who were there at the beginning, or shortly thereafter, included Mick St. John, Steve Harrison, Rick Hudson, Tom Van Hart, Mike Clark, Phil Williams, Larry Trotter, Phil Jarnigan, Sam Truan, Gene Vestle and more. Sorry if I left anyone out this afternoon. It's difficult to remember so much on the spur of the moment. Enjoy the blog. Hope you get the written support you need to keep it going."

"Hey George...Be happy you're in Florida today. I'm sure you've heard about all the snow here. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that Chuck Baron and Dr. Grady Brock are two different people, although there was some similarity in their gravely voices. Both worked nights for Jay Thomas at Big WAYS in Charlotte back in the 70s while I was at sister station WAPE. I knew both, but I don't know whatever happy to Brock. Suitcase just up-dated me on Baron last month. Hope you're having a happy New Year." 

"I was introduced to Mooney Broadcasting in 1967 at WBSR in Pensacola. Later spent time with George in Knoxville and Nashville between '81 and '84. He was one of a kind. Also made two trips with him as part of the Vol Navy. He will be missed!"