Friday, December 09, 2011

BREAKING NEWS...from Chip Kain~

I'm sure you remember Bill Burkett from your radio days, but I was just informed this morning that he passed away last night, following a battle with cancer.

Though I'm no longer in radio, I worked for Bill twice and have nothing negative to say about him at all. He was a fantastic man, a great boss, and sounded great on the air. Bottom line: he was an old school radio broadcaster. 

I hadn't spoken to him in the last year, and I regret that lack of communication now, as he was someone who's company I always enjoyed. We used to leave the station in the evenings and everyone would meet up for drinks- I know that I'll have the next one in honor of him. 

I just thought you would like to know to let the readers of your blog know. 

All the best to you, George. Merry Christmas.