Monday, December 05, 2011

Happy we feature a 101 Reload~

"When I was at WIMZ in 1981-1982 we had a sister station playing Al Ham's Music Of Your Life that was automated with the latest and greatest equipment...a big black monster that took up an entire room. Occasionally one of, or all three of, the 50+ cart carousels would lose programming and switch between two carts as if unable to decide which to play. This resulted in a terrible clacking noise that disrupted the entire radio station. We would walk by, not miss a step...just grab it and spin it...problem solved. Sort of a pre-computer "control/alt/delete" move. We had several socially unacceptable phrases to describe what the unit was doing when this occurred. In the year 4329 AD I'm sure some archaeologist will dig that thing up, put it in a museum and wonder what it's purpose was." (Jerry Howell)