Thursday, December 01, 2011

In the spring of 1975 Dr Al Adams returned to WKGN 1340 after DJing outside of Ktown for 6 years...Dr Al and his side kicks, including Willard the Duck, took over morning drive from Your Dave Young.

Dave switched to afternoons but soon exited and was replaced by Mike Beach...Frank Erwin worked middays, Rick Davis 7p-12, and Bob Thomas was the all night DJ.

Also in Ktown at that time Bernard King and Ernie Grunfeld were named to the All SEC basketball team.

In the restaurant biz, Frank Kotsianas completed a deal to sell the Ivanhoe House of Beef which was located in West Knoxville on Kingston Pike.

...and Frank Blair said goodbye to the Today Show after 23 years, he was the last remaining original on air personality.